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Did you know the Bible is the number 1 best selling book of all time? (By a mile!)

In the pages you can:

Discover God:
Have you ever been in awe of the world of nature around you? From a colourful sunset to storm waves bashing against the coast line. Maybe its been the varying shapes or colours of the Autumn leaves as they change and fall to the ground. The Bible tells us that God is clearly visble in the complex and integrated design we can see all around us - Why not get to know the creator?

Discover Peace:
Life can be pretty tough at times and full of complications and difficult cirmumstances. Sometimes we think that we need our life's circumstances to change in order to find peace in amongst the chaos and stresses of day to day life. The Bible talks about a "Peace that passes understanding" in that there can be true peace in our lives, not depending on or despite the circumtances.

Discover Love:
We live in a world where love can be seen as something deserved or that needs to be lived up to. The idea is that love should be witheld for the person or time that deserves it. In the Bible we find out about love that goes against this mold. A love that loves the undeserving, the unlovable, the people who aren't easy to love.
This love can be experienced now and lived out in our lives.

Discover Discipleship:
How can ordinary people do extraordinary things? In the Bible we learn that men and women of various backgrounds - people that were called "unschooled and ordinary" that ended up teaching and radically changing the lives of many including the educated and the leaders in society. They were able to overcome the most difficult and challenging of circumstances to live their lives of meaning and bravery.
Find out what fuelled them and what was their inner strength.

Discover Prayer:
The experience of many people with prayer is saying "thanks" for dinner or repeating a set prayer. Maybe it's a prayer via a saint to ask for something or a last minute prayer for help before an exam when we haven't revised. True Biblical prayer is a way for everyone at any time or any place to connect with the Creator. Biblical prayer can have an incredible impact on your life.

Discover Worship:
Sometimes our idea of worship is going along to a meeting with a lot of other people, where a band or group on a stage play some songs and we join in (or not!) and sing along.
Biblical worship is a way to live, a way to connect and communicate with God. Are you open for a new experience?

Discover A New and Fulfilled Life:
A life without purpose can be difficult, boring and mundane - We find in the Bible an idea of new life and of a life lived to the full. We see changed lives and lives that have an impact on others. Discover more!

Discover Forgiveness:
Most of us will admit to making mistakes in life and things we have done wrong - in our treatment of others or the decisions we have made. Many people think as a result of this - they are "unforgivable". The Bible tells of God's plan for forgiveness... where the unforgivable (in thier mind) get forgiven and lives are changed. Life changing forgiveness is a powerful thing.

Start your journey of discovery: (Connect)

Below is a quick guide to some helpful scriptures to start you on your discovery
journey that talk about:

Seeking God:    Acts Chapter 17 Verses 25-27
Being Patient:    James Chapter 5 Verses 7-11
Feeling Burdened:    Matthew Chapter 11 Verses 28-30
Worry:    Matthew Chapter 6 Verses 25-27
Peace:    Colossians Chapter 1 Verses 9-14
Taking a Stand:     Ephesians Chapter 6 Verses 13-15
Charachteristics of Love:     1 Corintians Chapter 13 Verses 4-7
Love for God:     1 John Chapter 5 Verse 3
Love Shown:     1 John Chapter 4 Verses 9-10
True Worship:     John Chapter 4 Verses 23-24
Faith Alone:     James Chapter 2 Verse 24
Being Born Again:     John Chapter 3 Verses 3-8
What is Sin:     Galatians Chapter 5 Verses 19-21
Fruits of The Spirit:     Galatians Chapter 5 Verses 22-23
The Cross (reason):     Romans Chapter 5 Verses 7-8
Faith (How to Get?):     Romans Chapter 10 Verse 17
Faith (What is it?):     Hebrews Chapter 11 Verse 1
Wisdom :     James Chapter 1 Verse 5
Strength from God :     Philippians Chapter 14 Verse 13
Sympathy :     Romans Chapter 15 Verse 1
Christian Walk :     1 John Chapter 2 Verses 5-6
Praying :     1 John Chapter 5 Verses 14-15
Compassion & Comfort :     2nd Corinthians Chapter 1 Verses 3-4
Being Humble :     Luke Chapter 22 Verses 24-27
Being Honest :     1 John Chapter 3 Verses 18-20
Religion :     James Chapter 1 Versee 27
Early Church :     Acts Chapter 2 Verses 42-47
Jesus (Purpose):     Luke Chapter 19 Verse 10
Feeling Anxiety:     1 Peter Chapter 5 Verse 7
Faith (Examples of):     Hebrews Chapter 11
Christian Mission:     Matthew Chapter 28 Verse 18-20
Listening & Anger:     James Chapter 1 Verses 19-20

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