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Some updates about our events and activities:

Doyle Family - Assist work in Hope School - Nepal
Recently the Doyle Family travelled to Kathmandu in Nepal to help serve the kids of a school run by Hope Worldwide (Asha Vidhyashram School).
Along with other families and volunteers, they helped teach the children a variety of topics from music, English to website design.
They also helped in building a new kitchen facility at the school and provided members of the local community with much needed blankets, clothing and shoes.

Details of the school can be found here:
Asha Vidhyashram School. - A school run by Hope Worldwide.

Belfast vs Dublin - Football
Church football match in Carlingford, County Louth...
Sport can be a great way to spend time with friends so we had a Sunday afternoon North - South football match following on from a joint worship service with our sister church from Dublin:

Lots of fun and competition and some great camaraderie!

Care Home - Singing and Encouragement

Our monthly trip to a local nursing home to sing for and take time to encourage the residents...
Riley playing 'Amazing Grace' & 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' on the trumpet at a local Nursing Home in Belfast yesterday. All the preteens did a fantastic job encouraging and entertaining the residents by reading scripture, praying and playing a mean tune!

We do this once a month and have done so for a number of years. The residents love to sing along and have many inspiring stories.

This is always a very encouraging and fun time for all.

Fishing Trip - Temple Springs
Brothers Fishing trip to Temple Springs Fishery - Garvagh...
Some of us spent a weekend at the fantastic temple springs fishing facility. Arriving on Friday night and staying in the newly converted Bert's Bothy fishing lodge it was a great time of adventure for those who had fished before and for those who were trying something new for the first time.
To overcome the challenge of the very wet and windy weather conditions and catch fish it was a great bonding time.
Thanks to Mull and Jim for the spiritual lessons and Tony for amazing breakfast, dinners and lunches!

Great fun and Fellowship!

Jonathan's Baptism
Jonathan's baptism - and a rainbow- Helen's Bay...
We gathered at Helen's Bay to see Jonathan be baptised and be "clothed in Christ"! Some of us shared and encouraged Jonathan on this life changing decision.... then the rain came.
As Jonathan came up out of the water a rainbow appeared no more than 20 feet out from the beach.. How memorable is that!
A truely exciting day and great to experience.

If you would like to find out more about Baptism
- what it means and why do it, then please get in touch.

Coming to a Park Near you -
Fun in Games in Belfast Parks...
We have fantastic fun playing games such as volleyball, tag Kabaddi, softball in Some of Belfast's fab parks... and guess what...??
People and families love to join in! If you see us - just come and ask to play!

Belfast parks
Bring on more Sunshine..!

Leslie's Baptism
Leslie's baptism & celebration - Helen's Bay...
It was great to see Leslie declare, "Jesus is Lord" and be baptised in the sea at Helen's Bay.
Always exciting to see someone make a life changing commitment and follow God's plan.

Baptism - Got Questions?
- please get in touch.

Bushmills Retreat -
Church summer weekend @ Bushmills & North Coast...
The weekend was a fantastic experience for all with lessons from Mike and Joanne Farrell mixed in with all the outdoor adventures and games.

Bushmills Retreat
We were encouraged & inspired and cannot wait until next time..!

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